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What's DistanceLessons?
DistanceLessons is a virtual bilingual environment which offers lessons, practice and interactions among English and Spanish speakers who are learning each other's language. Enrolling in a course, you'll have access to several lessons that you can study and get personalized feedback on. A forum to interact with other students (students of English and students of Spanish) to ask your questions and read other people's doubts, and even help students of your native language.


Is it free?
Registering to the campus is free and some activities such as forums and speech practice are also free. However, the courses do have a cost in exchange for personalized feedback on your work (as many times as needed) by a native Speaker.


Are lessons live?
There are several types of lessons to tailor the needs of each student. When you enroll in a course, you can submit your work whenever you are ready. You can also enroll in live Skype lessons or even Whatsapp lessons (currently under construction).


Can I see a sample?
Yes of course! Enter our campus, register for free, and enjoy several free courses. There is a DEMO course designed to show you the dynamics of the campus, but there is also a SPEECHES section where you can record your version of several monologues and listen to other students' versions.


What is the method of Payment? Is it safe?
We use Paypal to receive paymetns (which accepts a wide range of credit cards). We're a Paypal certified account, guaranteeing a safe transaction. Please email us before making payments if you are in doubt. Refunds may be available in some cases but not always. We also accept MercadoPago

How does it work?
Enter the campus and register for free. You will see a number of courses, some of which are public and free and some of which are paid. Free courses you can access and participate, get feedback from teachers and from other students as well.

Paid courses offer you a wider varitety of exercises and personalized feedback by a native-speaking Spanish teacher as many times as you need. Enrolling in a paid course has a cost of $15 valid for one month.  

When the time is up, you you want to move to the next course you may do so, or you can  re-take the current course and try the new activities that are added weekly.

Skype lessons are 100% live which means 1 hour of videoconference with a native-speaker teacher. Additional homework may be given depending on your schedule, but the class itself is full videoconference.  

Our Whatsapp lesson module is ready! Start learning today directly on your device, anytime, anywhere!